Agreement and consent
This Agreement sets forth the general Terms and Conditions between Podium Developments and Brokers as related to the marketing and branding of Podium’s new home projects on the Brokers’ websites and/or other media. Brokers may use Podium projects’ logos, branding and other marketing materials subject to the following terms and conditions: Brokers SHOULD NOT alter/modify/doctor/distort any of Podium’s project logo/s and other marketing materials. Brokers SHOULD NOT release any floorplans, renderings, VR images, features and finishes or other relevant information without approval by Milborne Real Estate. Brokers SHOULD NOT alter/modify/doctor/distort any core messaging, taglines and copy points about any of Podium’s projects. Brokers MAY give a price point but SHOULD NOT give a price list. Brokers SHOULD NOT give any false or misleading information about any of Podium’s projects and/or products. These Terms and Conditions are subject to review from time to time by Podium Developments and are subject to change without prior notice.